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Important Dates

Submission Deadline:

June 15, 2020

August 7, 2020 1584085885658434.png


Notification Date: 

1-2 weeks after the submission


Registration Deadline:

August 6, 2020


Conference Date: 

August 7-9, 2020


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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology

01) Industrial energy conservation

02) Building energy conservation

03) Civil energy conservation

04) Comprehensive utilization of resources

05) Solid waste treatment and disposal

06) Soil Pollution Control and Remediation

07) Water Ecological Restoration and Ecological Protection

08) Environmental monitoring of pollutants

09) Air Pollution Prevention Technology

10) Waste Gas Recovery and Treatment Technology


Internet+Environmental protection

01) Smart energy

02) Wisdom and Environmental Protection

03) Digital monitoring

04) Robot Environmental Protection Technology

05) 3D printing

06) Intelligent building

07) Information pollution control

08) Technology and Application of Intelligent Heating

09) and Energy Saving System

10) Analysis of Energy Saving Technology for Smart Buildings

11) Block Chain+Internet of Things in Energy Field

12) Development of Smart and Clean Energy


Architecture and Urban Planning

01) Architectural Design and Theories

02) Advanced Construction Materials

03) Aesthetics and Landscape

04) Architectural Design and Its Theory

05) Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering

06) Architecture and Building Materials

07) Building Energy Saving Technology

08) Building Technology Science

09) Construction and Renewable Energy Sources

10) Ecological Architecture

11) Ecological Construction and Intelligent Control

12) Green Building Materials

13) Green Construction and Environmental Protection

14) Landscape Planning and Design

15) Traditional Construction Materials

16) Urban Planning and Design;


Civil and Structural Engineering

01) Bridge Engineering;Building Structure and Bridge Engineering;

02) Building Technology;Cartography and Geographic Information System;

03) Coastal Engineering;Computational Mechanics;

04) Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE;Concrete Structures;

05) Construction and Control;Detection and Transformation;

06) Disaster Prevention and Mitigation;Engineering Management;

07) Environment-Friendly Construction and Development;

08) Geological Engineering;Geotechnical Engineering;Harbor Engineering;

09) Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works;

10) Hydraulic Engineering;Material Quality and Control;

11) Metallic Structures;Monitoring and Control Of Structures;

12) Operation and Maintenance;Project Management;

13) Reliability and Durability of Structures;Road, Bridge and Railway Engineering;

14) Safety and Monitoring;Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering;

15) Seismic Engineering;Structural Analysis and Design;

16) Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction;

17) Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening;Surveying and Geo-informatics;

18) Surveying and Photogrammetry;Surveying Engineering;

19) Transportation Engineering;Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities;

20) Urban Planning;Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

21) Transportation Engineering;

22) Monitoring and Control Of Structures;

23) Reliability and Durability of Structures;

24) Cartography and Geographic Information System;

25) Construction Technology;

26) Urban Planning and Design;


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