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June 15, 2020

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August 7-9, 2020


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Nazri bin Ali.jpg

Prof. Nazri bin Ali

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Research area: Numerical simulation on tree water uptake, Soil suction and water flow in unsaturated soil, Unsaturated slope stability analysis

Title: Hydrological Effect On Slope Stability Analysis

Abstarct: The stability of soil slopes, typically man-made, clearly remains a matter of topical interest, giving rise to significant problems worldwide. Although there are many different causes of landslides, they all have two things in common, due to heavy rainfall and clear cutting. This keynote discusses some of the previous failures, the type of failures, the causes of failures, and summaries some suggestions to lessen future occurrence. The cause of landslides indicates that most of the landslides are due to the hydrological effect, moisture present in the slope. Moisture in the slope can weaken soil strength by increasing pore pressure and reducing the materials resistance to shear. In related with this, the effect on hydrological aspect with soil moisture pattern near vicinity of the tree will also be discussed. The distribution in matric suction values and matric suction profiles responses to tree water uptake and rainfall were investigated. The field monitoring result showed that there was a substantially increase in soil suction near the vicinity of tree. The findings indicate that the influence of rain fall event can cause variation to soil suction that is related to factor of safety. Furthermore, water uptake from root activity created dry condition that substantially increased and improved up to 45% the factor of safety against slope failure.

陆诗建 80x104.jpg

Prof. Shijian Lu

Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Corporation and China University of Petroleum(East China), China

Research area: CCUS and waste gas treatment research and development

Title: Key technology and application of low partial pressure CO2 capture, transportation and oil displacement storage surface engineering

Abstarct: The excessive emission of greenhouse gases causes global warming, and the contribution rate of CO2 is more than 60%. Low partial pressure CO2 in flue gas is the main emission source, accounting for more than 40% of the national emissions. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward "actively participate in global environmental governance and implement emission reduction commitments". CO2 capture, transportation and oil displacement storage are one of the main ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and are the main means to achieve carbon emission reduction, among which surface engineering technology is one of the key bottlenecks in the implementation of this method. The surface engineering technology of low partial pressure CO2 capture, transportation and oil displacement storage faces the major technical problems such as high cost of CO2 capture, high risk of CO2 transportation safety, easy corrosion of surface gathering and transportation, and difficulty of environmental monitoring and early warning. This report will share the complete set of technology and engineering application examples of flue gas CO2 capture, transportation and oil displacement and storage ground engineering developed by Professor Lu Shijian and his team. This technology effectively reduces cost, saves energy consumption, improves the safety of project implementation, and solves the major technical problems of "neck sticking" of CCUS in China. In recent years, it has successively worked in Shengli Oilfield, Yanchang Petroleum, Huadian Engineering Group, National energy group etc.These projects have implemented CO2 emission reduction effectively, promoted the development of national green economy and protected the environment.

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